March 27, 2016


Welcome to Deep3D.

We love all things photogrammetry, particularly if the subject is underwater.

Here’s a recent example of our work:-

This model is an example of what can be captured and turned into a 3D model of what lies on the seabed. This example is the wreck of First World War  submarine HM E-49.


The E-49 struck a mine on the 12th of March 1917 just as she left Balta Sound in Shetland and sinking with a loss of all her crew. The explosion blew the bows off, and these can be seen now separated from the rest of the wreck. The white sand has swallowed most of the wreck, leaving just the remains of the top of the pressure hull and conning tower visible.

A very patient diver managed to stay still long enough to be included in the scan. The human form is a superb indicator of the scale of the submarine.

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