March 26, 2016


Photogrammetry is our passion. We relish the challenge and the excitement of scanning a subject – particularly if it is underwater – through building the model to that moment a solid, scaled 3D model arrive from the printers. This is what we do.

Clients include:-

  • Deeper Dorset – Link
  • Wessex Archaeology – Link
  • Mallinson Sadler Productions – Link
  • Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust – Link
  • Universities of Nottingham and Alexandria – Link
  • The Shipwreck Project – Link
  • Electric Pictures Pty Ltd – Link

We create a record of what is, how things are and allow others to interpret and understand whatever we capture.

For paid underwater projects Deep3D holds the prerequisite HSE SCUBA qualifications. Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch and discuss any photogrammetry project requirements.

Example of television work – Drain the Sunken Pirate City, a MSP/Northern Sky Entertainment production for National Geographic/Discovery Canada.
Example of television work – Drain the Oceans Legends of Atlantis, a Electric Pictures Pty production for National Geographic