March 27, 2016


Welcome to Deep3D.

October 2018 was a busy month here at Deep3D with two iBooks being published in close succession. Both are available in Apple iBooks:

The U.B.116 – the first 100 years tells the story of the last German submarine to be sunk during the First World War, and the first submarine to be sunk by remotely controlled mines after detection by indicator loop. The book takes us through the post-war years when the exploits of the submarine inspired a play by C.S. Forester, through to its rediscovery, salvage and complete destruction, with supporting documents included in the book. The wreck has been documented using photogrammetry, and 3D models and detailed 2D site plans of the submarine today are included in the book and serve as an excellent guide for anyone wishing to explore this wreck without getting wet. For divers visiting this wreck, this guide is an invaluable companion to help understand what lies on the seabed.



Co-authored by Simon Brown, Jon Henderson, Alex Mustard and Mike Postons, the book is a detailed 3D digital guide to the famous Thistlegorm wreck in the Egyptian Red Sea and represents an exciting new way to present shipwrecks, making the most of the interactive iBook format.
Divers consistently rate the SS Thistlegorm as not only one of the world’s best wreck dives, but as one of the world’s best dives – period. The ship is packed with the materials of war; lorries, trucks, motorbikes, aircraft spares and airfield equipment are crammed into the forward holds, while the remains of shattered vehicles and armoured vehicles lie amongst boxes of ammunition in the aft holds.
This book brings together historical images and archive documents, underwater photography, 3D photogrammetry and digital reconstruction to present the wreck in a truly unique and stunning way.
With nine 3D models and 320 illustrations or images, including 120 breath-taking underwater images, each part of the ship and its cargo is covered in detail. Descriptions include where each artefact or area of interest can be found with location maps showing exactly where the ship hides its secrets, contemporary wartime images of the cargo in action, modern day preserved examples as well as in-situ images taken inside and around the wreck.
FUN FACT: the book probably has more underwater photos in it than any other – 25,000! Although most were used to create the interactive 3D photogrammetry models of the wreck and cargo decks, there are still 120+ photos by internationally renowned underwater photographer, Alex Mustard, as well as shots of surviving examples of the military vehicles and period images specially licensed from the Imperial War Museum. There is even a 3D model of the ship, built from the original builders plans.
For the diver, this book is a guide to help you find and appreciate what is actually on the wreck. We hope it greatly enhances your own explorations of the SS Thistlegorm. For the non-diver, the guide and its 3D content provides the next best experience to actually getting wet and seeing the Thistlegorm for yourself.