Merging data from different dives, and different divers.

At Deep3D we realise we cannot be everywhere, all the time. But should that mean we can’t create a 3D model from another photographer’s scanning, build a model and then merge it with existing data? Can we do just that? The short answer is “Yes we can”. Fellow diver and photographer Marcus Blatchford offered to Read more about Merging data from different dives, and different divers.[…]

Close to reality, but how accurate?

Here at Deep3D we like to do things a) once and b) right. Accurate models are far more useful than pretty images, but accurate and slightly “arty” really is what we strive for. After buildingĀ the latest model that merged two sets of scaled data, we wondered just how accurate the resulting model was? Two divers, Read more about Close to reality, but how accurate?[…]

Merging data from different dives

Being underwater automatically limits how much area you can cover. At some point, you need to return to the surface and recharge your cylinders, eat, use the toilet and such. It can mean a big compromise between area covered and detail. But what if you could scan a subject, process the data and then return Read more about Merging data from different dives[…]

More Orcalight Seawolf results

With the Alvis Saracen model demonstrating what the Orcalight Seawolf can do for lighting a subject, we processed more images from last week. Sitting in 30m of water, the NDAC Westland Wessex (tail ID XS122) was a challenging subject. With thin walled sections of the airframe, it was going to be interesting to see how Read more about More Orcalight Seawolf results[…]

More testing…more results

Deep3D paid the National Diving and Activity Centre a visit recently, with the objectives of testing a few more methods and means to scan subjects underwater. One test was to use the Orcalight Seawolf dive torch to illuminate the subject in question, rather than use the more traditional underwater strobes (flashguns) to apply the light. Read more about More testing…more results[…]