Digital Elevation Models

Next year sees the start of a little project run by The Shipwreck Project to find the missing pieces in a great story involving a Second World War single seat fighter that crashed in Weymouth Bay. We know the date and the fate of the pilot – he bailed out and was rescued – but we do Read more about Digital Elevation Models[…]

Bunkers & iPhones

Last week Deep3D attended a photogrammetry and digital workshop hosted by Nottingham University and presented some of the underwater work to date. It was a great opportunity for everyone working in the field of maritime archeology to get together and share their work and the results. All the presentations were really interesting and inspiring. The CITiZAN foreshore project Read more about Bunkers & iPhones[…]

Scanning Humans and Other Details

The orthophotos generated from the 3D model can be very detailed indeed, but they can reveal flaws if things move during scanning. With humans, this causes a bit of a problem. Here’s an example of the E49 and model Rob:-   This print is A1 in size and Rob appears alongside the submarine, adding great Read more about Scanning Humans and Other Details[…]