Let There Be Light

In the Beginning…

In our temperate northern waters there is a lack of light. The very thing that underwater photogrammetry needs is often in short supply and light is like a drug. You always want more.

Underwater photographers get around the limits of natural light with flash guns or video lights and these generally work well with most conditions and subjects. But like any addiction if you are offered more, you take it.

For a long time many of the green water wrecks have been scanned using a single Orcalight Seawolf. Powerful and with a burn time that would exceed dive duration the light has worked well. But standing still is not an option and it was time for an upgrade.

The Birth of a Beast

After a chat with Orcalight a new design was born. The same battery canister would now feed two light heads, not just one. Battery design and life had improved, keeping burn time and lumen power in the sweet spot.

Introducing “Jimmy” – the double headed Orcalight.

Instant Sunshine

Known hereafter as “Jimmy” (anyone care to take a guess at the name?) this Orcalight neatly fixes a minor irritation that has been present for a while.

Underwater testing on the Heart of Gold will take place in the next few weeks and an update will follow.  In the meantime, a big “thank you” to Orcalight for applying engineering and software talent in a very neat package.

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