Media Work – Looking for Atlantis

Atlantis at Alikanas

Late last year Simon found himself on the island of Zakinthos, Greece, in the company of a film crew. The job was to scan the seabed of Alikanas Bay and capture what locals believe to be the remains of a long-lost town.

The job went very well indeed. The weather and visibility were less than ideal for a few days but the shoot went well and just over an acre of seabed was scanned. A few days after flying home the model, orthophoto and DEM delivered to a happy client.

World Premier

The work will be broadcast as part of Drain the Oceans series for National Geographic Channel in the US on the 18th of June EST.

Drain the Oceans – Legends of Atlantis. MSP/Electric Pictures.

There is a trailer of the show available here.

Working with the folks at MSP and Electric Pictures Pty was great fun and very rewarding indeed. Did we find Atlantis? Tune in and find out…

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