Lights, Camera, Action!

The latest release of Agisoft Metashape 1.5.3 has seen some major improvements to the animation pane.

Main view of Metashape with the animation pane highlighted in red. The wreck is the UB116

Photoscan 1.4 beta first saw the animation pane appear and we did a review at the time. There was a choice of horizontal or vertical viewpoints and any detailed camera track could be loaded but needed 3rd party software to create it. Whilst useful the options were a little limiting.

Track Definition

The good news is camera tracks can be authored directly in Metashape. Its a very straightforward process; Orientate the model to the chosen location, capture the viewpoint, move to the next position & capture the viewpoint. Repeat until you have finished and thats it – the camera track is created.

Viewpoint positions appear in the animation pane as they are created. Double clicking will jump the model view to that point.

Viewpoints can be added, removed, reordered and refreshed as required. Any position within the model can be selected, highlighting detail, and areas of limited interest can be sped up to avoid audience boredom between the key features.

Setting the camera positions in sparse cloud works well on heavy content and large models.

A smooth camera track is easier if you set the Navigation Mode to Terrain and working in the sparse cloud works best on those massive detail models.


We like this new feature. A lot! So much we will let the results speak for themselves – have a watch of the video below.

UB116Animation from Simon Brown on Vimeo.