Where do we go from here?

Underwater Navigation Demo Day

Two years ago we were looking at underwater navigation and its benefits to photogrammetry. The project was based in Alikanas, Greece, and involved scanning a huge area of seabed for Electric Pictures Pty Ltd on behalf of National Geographic Television series Drain the Oceans.

The sparse cloud covering approximately 1 acre of Greek seabed at Alikanas Bay.

With every budget there is always a time constraint. The area to be investigated at Alikanas was unknown beyond rough area. On site the seabed lacked features so the navigation tool paid off big time; planning and knowing where we were quickly accelerated site familiarisation.

The 3D model was built over several days of diving and included the requisite diver for scale. The ortho photo is hosted by those nice folk at Dronelabs:

There are three Nimrod navigators in that ortho photo, placed on the seabed and scanned at the time – can you find them?

Fast Forward

Two years on and we are about to revisit underwater navigation.

Commencing on the 27th of January 2020 Vobster Quay will be hosting a few days of informal introduction and discussion covering underwater navigation, using some of the latest technology focussed at solving the perpetual “Where am I?” question.

Aimed at scientific, military, search and rescue divers and media companies the day will focus on how underwater navigation has moved on and what it can realistically deliver in terms of accuracy, efficiency and safety.

Space is limited and the event will be by invitation only but if there is a genuine application and you would like to attend then do please get in touch with either Deep3D (Speak to Simon) or Vobster Quay (Speak to Tim) and we can put you on the guest list.