Deep3D News

Recent history should have prepared us to expect the unexpected. But nice surprises are always welcome and this week there has been no holding back. Book release dates, speaker announcements and showcase work have justified this post…plus a new Metashape Standard training course – endorsed by Agisoft – is now available.

Agisoft Showcase – Underwater Models

Way back in the summer Metashape authors Agisoft contacted us asking if they could use some underwater models at Intergeo 2020 – would Deep3D mind supplying one?

The SS Gwladmena was an obvious choice and it now features in the Agisoft 2020 Showcase video:

Sharp eyed viewers will recognise another Deep3D wreck – the FV Fraoch Ban. So we have not one but two models in the showcase.

The Fraoch Ban model appears at 4:18 and the SS Gwladmena at 8:00 and are the sole examples of underwater photogrammetry in the video – chuffed is an understatement!

The Gwladmena makes a second appearance in the Metashape 1.7 presentation as an example of underwater image processing:

SS Thistlegorm Book

Two years ago we published an Apple iBook all about the SS Thistlegorm. Co-authored by Jon Henderson, Alex Mustard and Mike Postons the book drew on the work in the Red Sea scanning the wreck into 3D.

We are delighted to announce that a paper edition will be published very soon and should be available in time for Christmas.

Sample front cover of the forthcoming book

The book will feature original research, Alex’s fantastic photographs of the wreck, site plans, ortho photos and reconstruction of how the ship looked before the sinking, complete with railway locomotives on the main deck.

Published by Dived Up the book can be pre-ordered here.

Nautical Archaeology Society Virtual Conference

Like so many events the NAS conference for 2020 has gone virtual and online only but that should not detract from the speaker lineup and and wealth of subjects.

This year its a “Best of” event and we were delighted to be asked to present the SS Thistlegorm again. But this will not be a simple reprise of the previous presentation…we will feature the results of ongoing research and will include identification of debris field items that are hiding in plain sight.

As a taster this 3D gallery has all the models of the wreck:

SS Thistlegorm Lockdown Collection by Deep3D on Sketchfab

Forensic Metashape Standard Training

Last year we spent three months immersed in the world of forensic collision investigation with Devon & Cornwall and Dorset police. The goal was to preserve evidence at a road collision faster and to a higher level of detail whilst permitting the road to be opened faster.

As a result Devon and Cornwall police have selected Agisoft Metashape Professional for forensic road collision investigation and preservation of evidence.

Endorsed by Agisoft – Metashape Standard training by Accupixel

A new joint venture has been formed between Deep3D and Geobit (run by Jose Martinez) and the new company – Accupixel Ltd – has been created to support and train forensic users.

The new training course – endorsed by none other than Agisoft themselves – is available online, is self-paced and suitable for anyone requiring repeatable and consistent accurate and representative models.

There is an introductory offer running on the training course costs until the end of October.