November 15, 2019


Two publications are currently available:

Diving the SS Thistlegorm

Available in both hardback (Dec 2020) and paperback (Jan 2021) this book is a collaboration between Alex Mustard, Jon Henderson, Mike Postons Simon Brown of Deep3D.

Diving the Thistlegorm is a unique in-depth look at one of the world’s best-loved shipwrecks, the World War II British Merchant Navy steamship. In this highly visual guide, cutting edge photographic methods enable views of the famous wreck and its fascinating cargo which were previously impossible. Sitting upright in 30m of clear, inviting Red Sea waters, the ship is packed with the materials of war. Largely complete lorries, trucks, motorbikes, aircraft spares and airfield equipment are crammed into the forward holds and the remains of other vehicles lie amongst boxes of ammunition in the exploded aft holds. Often referred to as an underwater museum, the wreck fascinates visitors for dive after dive.

The book is the culmination of decades of experience, archaeological and photographic expertise, many hours underwater, months of computer processing time, and days spent researching and verifying the history of the ship and its cargo. For the first time, Diving the Thistlegorm brings the rich and complex contents of the wreck together, identifying individual items and illustrating where they can be found. As the expert team behind the underwater photography, reconstructions and explanations take you through the wreck in incredible detail, you will discover not only what has been learned but also what mysteries are still to be solve

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The Story of UB116

Researched and written by Simon Brown, The Story of UB116 documents the history of this First World War Submarine.

The U.B.116 – the first 100 years tells the story of the last German submarine to be sunk during the First World War, and the first submarine to be sunk by remotely controlled mines after detection by indicator loop. The book takes us through the post-war years when the exploits of the submarine inspired a play by C.S. Forester, through to its rediscovery, salvage and complete destruction, with supporting documents included in the book. The wreck has been documented using photogrammetry, and 3D models and detailed 2D site plans of the submarine today are included in the book and serve as an excellent guide for anyone wishing to explore this wreck without getting wet. For divers visiting this wreck, this guide is an invaluable companion to help understand what lies on the seabed.