Bunkers & iPhones

Last week Deep3D attended a photogrammetry and digital workshop hosted by Nottingham University and presented some of the underwater work to date. It was a great opportunity for everyone working in the field of maritime archeology to get together and share their work and the results.

All the presentations were really interesting and inspiring. The CITiZAN foreshore project caught our eye as they were starting to use photogrammetry and volunteers to document the changing world of where land meets sea.

It got us thinking;  just about everyone carries a phone with a camera, so can you create models with nothing more than an iPhone?

A very pleasant walk across Hankley Common here in Surry presented the perfect opportunity to test the theory; a Second World War vintage military bunker. The results speak for themselves, and as the iPhone images captured GPS data at the same time we get the added bonus of geolocating the model:-