A New Wreck Discovery!

Deep3D are long-time supporters of Weymouth-based The Shipwreck Project, a group dedicated to finding and researching shipwrecks in the English Channel. Over the years of involvement Deep3D have dived quite a few previously unseen targets, some that have turned out to be junk, and some that have been a historical jackpot. Target diving and site recording is what we do, love and are passionate about.

Scapa Flow

Scapa Flow, the resting site of the German High Seas Fleet, is a heavily dived location. Countless numbers of dives are logged every week so you would think everything had been found? Last week the dive boat MV Valkyrie spotted a small lump on the echo sounder and Deep3D took the chance to pay the anomaly a visit. Was it a pile of rusting junk? Long-forgotten boom netting? Trash from the deck of a fishing boat?

The Find

It took a while to locate the target on the seabed, but when the remains loomed out of the gloomy waters it was obvious this was not junk. Unsure of what the target was Deep3D set to work and scanned the remains. Gut feeling was the remains of a small vessel had been found. Once back on the surface Deep3D set to work processing the data with Agisoft Photoscan Pro. A few hours later the model and orthophoto was complete and ready for interpretation.

Local diver and maritime historian Kevin Heath of Sula Diving took a look and concluded it was most likely the remains of a motor pinnace from one of the German High Seas Fleet battleships.

The Model


What an awesome find! An intact and very historical wreck in the heart of wreck-diving itself. The orthophoto will be passed to Historic Scotland in due course, forming a permanent record of what lies on the seabed.

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