Models for Sale!

Need 3D?

The 3D hosting site we use to display our work has been offering models for sale for a while. With the two iBooks (see below) now published and a trip to Scapa complete and processed finally there was time to take a closer look.

The Sketcfab store. 3D content ready to download.

Sketchfab is not the only site offering 3D models for sale, but as all models shared have been hosted here then it made a lot of sense to simply mark some for sale and give them a price. It also important to give the models meaningful categories and keywords, helping anyone search “Underwater caravan” find the model they need.

Underwater Caravan?

We have no idea just how much of a market there is for a 3D model of a caravan, but years of creating images taught us one thing: Never underestimate the whacky things creative people want or need.

The caravan was scanned as part of a personal project to map much of Vobster Quay Inland Dive Site and was a bit of a lighting test too – no financial thoughts at the time. Now we can test the market and see if there is demand.

Setting the Price

This one is always tricky. Creating underwater 3D models comes with a significant set of overheads:

  • Life support equipment
  • Training and skills
  • Underwater camera equipment

And that is before we consider the software and hardware needed to process the images. This is reflected in the price as the underwater camera would cost around £10k to replace. The size and difficulty of creating the model is also taken into account when setting price.

I have a sneaking suspicion it might be possible to work out the price based on the number of images taken…that might make the SS Thistlegorm towards the very top end of the market…that one took over 15,000 images just for the ship not including the cargo.

Choice and Selection

Just a few models have been selected for sale, but there are plenty more that might one day become available. If there is something you would really like to see offered for sale and its not there, do please get in touch.


Last month we published two iBooks and both are now available in the Apple Book Store: