Merging data from different dives, and different divers.

At Deep3D we realise we cannot be everywhere, all the time. But should that mean we can’t create a 3D model from another photographer’s scanning, build a model and then merge it with existing data? Can we do just that?

The short answer is “Yes we can”. Fellow diver and photographer Marcus Blatchford offered to scan more of the military vehicles lying in the depths of the National Diving and Activity Centre with a view to incorporating them into the ever-expanding big model of the shallow end.

Once the images were copied over, Deep3D built the model of an Abbot Self Propelled Gun FV433:-

Now this little tank lies a short distance from the Saracen and Stalwart, so as long as enough lake bed was included that could cross over and align, the Abbot could be added to the collection.

And here it is:-

The Abbot lies at the far end of this view.

So as long as we have clean data, we can build and merge the models.

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