Updated – the UB 116 & Builders Plans

Error Correction Time

Its time to confess a small but significant mistake when annotating the 3D model of the UB 116:-

It turns out I had labelled the bowplanes incorrectly, for a check of the builders plan shows their shape as matching hydroplanes. And as any good submarine nerd knows, bowplanes are at the pointy end, and hydroplanes are fitted at the stern.

Art Attack

With the error corrected, it was time to lay the orthophoto of the UB 116 over the top of the plans: A thumbnail of the UB 116 print There is precious little of the submarine that is recognisable; the hydroplanes, the deck gun mount and lots of air tanks. Knowing a little of the history of the submarine – mined, depth charged and then all 10 torpedoes blown up – it would come as no surprise to find all recognisable parts are a long way from their original location. The layout is very much a best guess…so its more art than factual record for the time being.

The Results – Prints Anyone?

A bigger view of the print is here. If anyone should want one please feel free to drop me a line:


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