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Sketchfab Maps

The previous update discussed  how Sketchfab labs had started to test the waters with geo locating 3D models. One limitation for those of us who work with underwater photogrammetry was precise location. When generating the tagging code all we could was get close and there was no way to enter precise longitude and latitude coordinates. We dropped a line to Sketchfab asking if we could have such a feature. The short answer was ‘leave it with us’.

It did not take long to get a reply saying it was ready.  On the Sketchfab Map page there is a new button ‘Find my coordinates’. Click it and you can enter precise coordinates.

The model of HM Submarine E49 now shown in context of its final resting place at Balta Sound.

Thus the E49 and SS Gwladmena have now been added to the map, joining the land based heritage of the Shetland Isles.

A big thumbs up to the team at Sketchfab. We like this feature and appreciate the quick response.

SCUBA Magazine

The official publication of the British Sub Aqua Club has run a couple of features in which photogrammetry played a major part; The Wrecked! tour of the submarine UB 116 & and the Greatest Dive page devoted to the dive that found the First World War era German Pinnace as found by the dive boat MV Valkryie and identified by Kevin Heath of Sula Diving:

On the left, just two pages of a five page Wrecked! tour of the UB 116. On the right, the Greatest Dive page featuring the German Pinnace. Additional photographs in the feature supplied by and reproduced here with the kind permission of Bob Anderson.

Photogrammetry really has improved the quality and detail when documenting a wreck and the level of detail captured in the ortho photo ensures a permanent record can be quickly captured. For historically important sites like the German Pinnace this record is vital and necessary: the site currently lies outside of any protected area and as such remains at risk from those who would recover things for personal gain.

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