UK Presence for UWIS

Keen followers of Deep3D will know just how much we like the UWIS underwater navigation system. For 3D reconstruction and efficient site orientation there is nothing quite like UWIS on the market.

Fresh out of the packing case and ready to go – Master buoy, Alltab underwater tablet and a diver unit

We like UWIS so much today’s announcement will be no surprise; UWIS have signed Deep3D up as representatives for sales and training here in the United Kingdom.

We now have a UWIS Pro Case in stock for three divers including:

  • Three UWIS buoy units – master and two slaves
  • Three UWIS diver units
  • Alltab underwater tablet with Valtamer navigator for UWIS

More diver units are available by request.

UWIS Pro Case with 6 diver units – additional diver units available to order

We have everything available to track up to three divers or ROVs concurrently. The tablet enables accurate underwater navigation, waypoint marking/updates and two way communication between the diver and supervisor.

We cannot wait to get back in the water and continue the progress with all things 3D photogrammetry and projects include the Deeper Dorset missing Lancaster bomber. It goes without saying UWIS will be featuring heavily in both projects in time.

The system is available for outright purchase or daily/weekly hire – please use the contact page to get in touch.

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