SS Thistlegorm – A Second Look

Next weekend we will be on the main stage at the Nautical Archaeology Society’s virtual conference presenting results of the ongoing project that is the SS Thistlegorm.

Since we surveyed the wreck in 2017 there has been many developments. Not least of which was the recent arrival of some beefy computer hardware intended to support police forensic work. With the forthcoming talk it seemed appropriate to re-run the Thistlegorm data.

More RAM = More Detail

Back in 2017 we used Amazon Web Services to process some of the model yet even with some dedicated hardware the orthophoto for the main site could only be processed at 10mm per pixel. Its a 5 acre site so the resolution was pretty good but when you were used to working at 1mm per pixel it felt lacking. If you want to see the full site at 10mm per pixel – click here.

So yesterday we re-ran the orthophoto at 2mm per pixel generating a 10Gb geo/tiff image. As ever Dronelab are our go-to hosting for these datasets and the results speak for themselves:

Be sure to make the window full screen and zoom right in to take a close look!

Value Add

The orthophotos have been a constant go-to for our research. Time and again they have revealed details and confirmed objects and for ongoing investigation they are invaluable.

This year we have located more remains of the locomotives and proved the identity of the parts thanks to some very knowledgable folk at the Stanier 8F Society. This very morning (!) more clues to the location of another object was spotted…the SS Thistlegorm really is the wreck that keeps giving.

Our findings and new object locations will be revealed during the NAS conference next weekend.

Book Launch

Finally, we now have a publication date for the SS Thistlegorm book – 25th of November and at 240 pages will make an excellent Christmas gift.

The book is available for pre order at the following book stores:

There is a copy of the book to be won in the NAS conference raffle too!