The SS Thistlegorm Content

What feels like a very long time ago we scanned most of the SS Thistlegorm using photogrammetry. For one week in the summer of 2017 24,000 high resolution images were gathered and processed over the next two months into a single 3D record of the wreck.

A screenshot of the 3D model of the SS Thistlegorm

The work was done as part of the Thistlegorm Project and was a collaboration between the University of Nottingham, the Ain Shams (Cairo) University and Alexandria University. Over 6 days the wreck was digitally preserved.

With much of the world in lockdown it felt like a good time to pull all of the content into a single page with links to all the available online material.

3D Models

All of the 3D models can be found in a single Sketchfab collection:

SS Thistlegorm Lockdown Collection by Deep3D on Sketchfab

2D Ortho Photos

Ortho photos are 2D plan views of the 3D model with incredible levels of detail. The file size of these files is measured in Gb so we use Dronelab to host these.

Main Site

The main site covers 5 acres and resolution is 2mm per pixel. 15,000 images were needed to cover outside of the wreck.

Upper Cargo Deck

Upper cargo deck resolution is 1mm per pixel.

Lower Cargo Deck

Lower cargo deck resolution is 1mm per pixel.

Saloon House

Saloon house resolution is 1mm per pixel.

Captains House

Captain’s house resolution is 1mm per pixel.

The Captain’s House model and ortho photo was created using images shot by Alex Mustard who visited the wreck in 2018.

Forecastle Room

Forecastle room resolution is 1mm per pixel.

Dive Guide – SS Thistlegorm Book

Dived Up have published our book on the SS Thistlegorm. The hardback edition is due to be published on the 2nd of December.

The book is available for pre order at the following book stores: